Beautiful Green Blub Flowers

As everyone knows, flower foliage is generally green, but rarely will you find flowers with blooms that are green. There are bulb flowers that have beautiful green blooms, so if you’re looking for flowers with green petals, look no further. Here you’ll find information on a number of beautiful green bulb flowers. These bulb flowers are fantastic for anyone wanting to add interesting green flowers to their yard or garden. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, your neighbors and friends will be green with envy when they see your beautiful green bulb flowers.

Double Snowdrop

Double snowdrops are very unique green and white bulb flowers. These green and white petaled flowers appear very early in spring, even before the snow has stopped falling. The petals of these amazing green and white bulb flowers are exceptionally pretty. White petals are painted with rows of beautiful green stripes, and they create a lovely pattern on these unique green bulb flowers.

Since double snowdrops thrive in cooler weather, they grow well in a wide range of hardiness zones. Plant double snowdrops in hardiness zones two through nine. These green and white gems will reach a maximum height of about six inches.

Exotic Emperor Tulip

This tulip isn’t entirely green, but it definitely has streaks of emerald green in the outer petals. The streaks of green are mottled with yellow. Most of the petals of this beautiful bulb flower
are white, and the green and yellow is a brilliant contrast. Besides being exceptionally beautiful, this flower is quite fragrant.

Consider planting exotic emperor tulips in hardiness zones three through eight. These green, yellow, and white tulips reach a maximum height of approximately twenty inches. This bulb flower would make a beautiful addition to any yard or green flower garden.

Evergreen Tulip

If you want a unique solid green bulb flower, this tulip is the bulb flower for you. This amazing green tulip is only available through Breck’sÃ?®, and it can be purchased online at There is no other tulip quite like this green gem. The petals of this amazing solid green flower are thick and unlike the petals of any other flower. You have to see it to believe it. The beauty of this solid green flower is magnificent.

This amazing green tulip looks exotic, but it can be grown successfully in hardiness zones three through eight. This beautiful solid green tulip reaches a maximum height of approximately eighteen inches. You will enjoy the beauty of this flower in late spring, and it will bloom for approximately four weeks. This is incredible since most tulips only bloom for about a week.

Green Wave Parrot Tulip

This bulb flower is definitely a one-of-a-kind beauty. Green wave tulips have a very fitting name. The buds of these tulips are solid green, and as they mature, these beautiful tulips display rolling green waves in an ocean of yellow, pink, and white. It’s a beautiful combination of colors that will leave you breathless. This is definitely a bulb flower you’ll want to include in your green bulb flower garden.

China Town Tulip

This stunning flower boasts green stripes that appear to be painted onto the outermost petals. These beautiful deep green stripes are surrounded by creamy yellow, and they help exhibit the beautiful pink petals inside that gradually fade from deep rosy pink to pale pink. The blooms look like painted flowers you’d see on the finest china, and this flower is the true definition of beauty. The foliage is also amazing. Deep green leaves are artfully edged in creamy yellow. This beautiful bulb flower that incorporates the color green into the lovely blooms is a must-have for those wanting a green bulb flower garden.

China Town tulips are best suited for hardiness zones three through eight. These beautiful bulb flowers make their debut in late spring, and they reach a maximum height of about fourteen inches. Choose China Town tulips if you want a bulb flower that is unique, beautiful, and includes a beautiful shade of green in its lovely petals.

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