How to Plant a Maple Tree

Nothing appears as beautiful as a fully grown maple tree standing in your garden. The maple trees have got such beautiful and stunning appearance that every gardener wants to plant them in the garden. However there are many aspects that must be considered before planting maple trees including appropriate season, region and seeds/saplings in good physical shape and health.
When grown into an adult tree, it has its branches scattered smoothly in all directions forming a densely rounded shape standing on a thick and rough stem.
In order to know more on how to successfully plant a maple tree in your garden follow the guide given below:

Things Needed:

– Shovel
– Spade
– Seeds/ Sapling tree
– Mulch


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    The right season for plantation:

    It is important to take into account the current season in which you are planning to plant maple tree in your garden. The favorable season for planting maple tree is fall as the roots of this tree grow in cooler weather.

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    Choosing the seeds/saplings:

    Get the right seeds for planting. A right seed is the one that is of right size which is between 2.5 to 4 inches in diameter. However if you are planting the saplings then the right ones to go for are with green stalk.

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    Choosing the right place:

    Now is the stage at which you should choose a suitable location in your garden where these beauties can flourish properly. A suitable soil for planting a maple tree is the one that can absorb the right amount of water. For this dig a hole in the soil that is about 1 ft deep and 1 ft wide, now fill the hole with water and leave it for sometime. If the water is used up within 45 minutes then the soil is a best fit for our maple tree to grow. In addition to this make sure that the area you are selecting is wide enough for the resulting large maple roots to grow properly.

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    Preparing to plant:

    The next step is to dig out the soil. With the help of a shovel dig out a hole of appropriate size in the ground which must be two times larger in size then the actual size of the seed.

    If you are planting a sapling then make sure that while you put it in the hole the roots fully fit in the hole.

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    After digging out the hole, it’s time to drop in the seeds. If you are installing the saplings then do it by carefully putting in the new root ball in the hole and ensuring that you haven’t hurt its roots. After putting in the seeds/saplings, cover it with soil using a shovel. Afterwards, thoroughly water the plant.

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    Now in order to protect the plant, cover it with rocks to avoid extreme evaporation or the growth of weeds.

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