Finding Fresh Cut Christmas Trees, Wreaths and Garlands in Longmont

Years ago I used to go to first Christmas tree stand I saw to buy a tree that looked halfway decent just to have the task crossed off my list of things to do. Nowadays I want a wider selection of fresh trees that fit my price range and aesthetic desires. On top of that I want something more, some nice handmade bows perhaps or that once a year new ornament to add to the eclectic collection of tree decorations I already have. Here are three of my favorite places to go and what makes them so special.

For Christmas trees, wreaths and Poinsettias my favorite is the Flower Bin in Longmont. They are a local greenhouse nursery that has served Longmont for over 25 years. The selection of Christmas trees, they have over 9 different varieties including live Christmas trees, ranging in price from $7.98 to over a $100 for the big trees and the quality is hands down the best in Boulder County. What’s more, they have excellent customer service, I have never failed to get a helper offer jovially to carry the tree, trim branches, cut a new end on the bottom and wrap the tree for travel. Since the trees are all in the outdoor display where they have perennials in the spring it’s a wonderful place to walk around. They also have a nice selection of wreaths in a greenhouse right next to the trees where they keep their roses in the summer. In the main store they carry a wide selection of ribbons to make your own bows, a unique selection of ornaments and Christmas decor. They are most famous for their selection of poinsettias that fill the indoor greenhouse with colors of red, purple, blue and white. On the weekend following Thanksgiving they celebrate with an open house that is truly a joy to experience. Live music, free Christmas cookies and hot cider warm your heart as you walk around and browse the Christmas decor. Since the main store is also a greenhouse the light is exceptionally bright and cheerful. They are located on the SW corner of Nelson and Sunset in Longmont, call to get info and prices at (303) 772-3454.

For my next favorite is the Garden Shoppe in Lyons which is part of Gwen’s Greenhouse in the summer opens over the holidays with a nice arrangement of trees, ornaments, garlands and wreaths. The outside is decorated with Christmas lights, bows and wreaths in a cottage setting that is really enjoyable to walk around. But, what really makes this shop worth the drive is the wide variety of homemade bows that they make by hand every year. They also carry a selection of unique Christmas stockings, candle wreaths, garlands and ornaments. Another bonus is the pleasant drive down hwy 36 along the mountains to get there. The shop is located at the first light just as you enter Lyons. Call to get info and prices (303) 823-6818. There are open 9 to 5 seven days a week. The first shipment of fresh cut trees arrives before Thanksgiving.

Last but not least is the Blue Ribbon Farm. No extras here just Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands but the farm is not crowded, they are easy to access and the trees are top notch. They are located at the SW corner of Hover and Rogers’s road across from the Boulder County Fair Grounds. Call for info, hours and prices at (303)774-7717.

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