How to Make a Simple Garden Bench

Building a bench is a great way to add seating arrangement in your garden within a low budget. It’s a very versatile piece of equipment that offers seating to multiple people and also adds to the décor of the garden.
Benches are found in most parks, gardens and other public places. Not only do they provide space for sitting, they also improve the look of the garden.

Things required:

– Wood
– Wood screws, dowels or bolts or nails
– Saw, jigsaw and circular saw
– Drill machine
– Screw driver
– Adjustable wrench
– Paint or varnish
– Paint brush
– Wooden polish


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    The location and size of the bench depends on a number of factors. The first one obviously is the size of the garden. Location of the house also factors in as the bench should be designed in way such that it fits with the house and the locality as well. If the garden is in front of your home, you will have to go for a fancier bench than that you will choose if the garden lies to the back of your home.

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    Decide the location of the bench and ask certain questions from yourself. What should be its exact size? How fancy should it be? Is it a picnic table?

  • 3

    What do you want your bench to look like? The commonly used three piece wooden bench is OK for rough use as it does not wears down easily, but you may want a more fancy bench in case you wish to entertain guests or visitors in your garden.

    For that you will have to anticipate how much your bench will be used. Bench with a simple bracket brace along the legs is good to be used with a bench with short legs or seat, but you will have to make a bench with bracing if you it’s going to be longer than 4 feet.

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    Cut square pieces of wood of about 3 inch width to be used as the legs of the bench. The length of the legs should be in between the 14-18 inch range. Use 2 to three h shaped frames for a small garden bench. Use screws to hold them together.

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    Use 1 cross 4 pine to make your bench seat and back. All pieces should be of the same length or it will ruin the symmetry of the bench. Sand all the wooden pieces after assembling to give your bench a finished look. Apply polish on top of it, and you are done with your Sunday project.

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