How to Lay Sod

A sod grass helps you in getting a green lawn in a very short period of time. It saves you the effort of seeding and growing a full fledged grass. You can lay sod grass in your lawn yourself because the process is very simple and easy to follow. You do not need much gardening skills for this. This guide below aims to lead you through the process in an easy to follow manner. You will love the green of the lawn that you installed without much effort.

Things required:

– Sod grass
– Topsoil
– Rake
– Garden hose
– Tiller
– Fertilizer
– Lawn roller


  • 1

    Prepare soil:

    You have to prepare the ground first before laying the sod for optimal growth. Remove the stones and debris. Use a tiller to till the area. The tilling will break the hard soil loose. Now use a rake to level the ground. If you need topsoil, use a rake to spread it over evenly.

    Lay a layer of fertilizer over the topsoil to provide ideal conditions for the sod to grow. Moisten the soil lightly without making it soggy with a garden hose pipe.

  • 2

    Lay the sod:

    Now that the ground is prepared, lay the sod. Start with the edges, moving towards the center. The edges tend to dry quickly so it is better to lay large pieces of grass there. Lay the pieces of sod together in a way that there are no gaps between them and the entire ground is covered. Join the seams together to make a seamless lawn.

  • 3

    Roll over:

    Use a drum roller filled with water to press the sod into the soil and remove any air space and bubbles. This helps the roots get into the soil and grow well.

  • 4

    Maintaining sod:

    Water the sod thirty minutes after laying it down. Water daily for two weeks after installation to provide ideal conditions for growth. A sprinkler helps in keeping the sod moist without draining it fully.

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