How to Care for a Bromeliad House Plant

All plants and flowers need your proper attention. However, Bromeliad House Plant, as reflected in their name, need an extra effort to be cared about. They do not need just water and fertilizer but controlled temperature and sometimes re-potting. A slightest ignorance can destroy them and you lose a plant that you care all seasons otherwise. The effort needed does not tantamount to consumption of a great amount of your time but a little attention everyday can help protect your plant. If you are away from home, it is better to leave the plant in your neighbour’s care or you can either request the neighbour to take care of the plant at your place in your absence. It is only if you trust your neighbour and are willing to leave your house or yard in their trust. Otherwise, make some other arrangement, as you cannot leave the plant unattended to for a longer period of time. This will destroy it completely.


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    Keep Plant in Controlled Temperature

    Bromeliad plant is one of the  few varieties of plants that are needed to be kept in a proper temperature or controlled temperature. Exposure of plants to higher or lower temperature will damage them to a great extent. Generally recommended or the best temperature range is from 13 to 30 degree Celsius. It can be one or two points above or lower but any degree other than this will cause damage to your plant.

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    Water Regularly

    Give adequate water to Bromeliad plant. Be careful and do not allow water to stand in the pot or tank of the plant, which is created by its leaves. It will destroy the bloom. If you over water or allow water in the plants' tank, it is likely that bloom will be rotten because of the excessive water. Just try to keep the soil around the plant evenly moist.

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    Add Fertilizers

    As all plants do, Bromeliad needs fertilizer for a healthy growth. However, be careful in adding quantity of the fertilizers, and generally add less than the manufacture's recommended quantity. If you add more fertilizer than the plant can sustain, it will burn your plant. Also, it is better if you add water-based fertilizers. They work more efficiently than others.

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    Monitor Changes in Colour of Leaves

    While taking care of other things, you should also monitor bloom, especially colour of the leaves. If you see any leave near the dead end, cut it out immediately, as if it is because of a disease it will help prevent the disease from spreading.

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    Re-pot if Necessary

    If you notice any problem with your plant because of the pot, you can re-pot the plant at your convenience. Change the pot immediately if you see the present one damaged.

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    Wait Blooming

    Bromeliad plant can take up to two years to bloom. So wait for bloom. Also, Bromeliad plants do not re-bloom but create another plant along with the older one, which can grow into a new plant. The process is on-going but needs you to be patient.

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    Grow New Plant

    Bromieliad plants do not re-bloom but create a new plant along side the older one. Once a new plant is grown up to one-third besides the mother plant, separate them in a new pot. Bromeliad bloom can last up to months, and new plants, which you have just separated from mother, can take up to six months to bloom. So plan growing new plants while keeping  this cycle in mind so that you always have a Bromeliad in bloom.

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