How to Grow Flowering Plants Through Stems

Stem cutting is one of the best and popular ways for plant propagation. If you have a plant variety that you love and want to increase their population, you do not have to go to the nursery for it. You can multiply the original plant by stemming it. This stands true even if you want to gift the variety to someone. The success rates for stem propagation are quite high and you can even ensure hundred percent results if you follow some basic guidelines. That is what our step by step guide is here for. The complete details from the mother plant to a baby plant are available below.


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    Choose a plant and stem:

    The first step is to choose a strong plant which can repair itself. On this plant go for mature relatively thick stem. It is preferable if you go for a non flowering stem. Get hold of cutting instruments like gardening scissors. However, make sure that it should be sharp so that the cut is neat and clear. Keep high care of hygiene. Your hands and the instrument should be clean because the cut makes the plant vulnerable to disease. Stem cuttings from the upper part of the plant are more successful.

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    The cut:

    Cut a 4-6 inch section clearly from the plant. The angle of cut should be slanted.

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    The lower one third should be completely leaf and bud free because it will be put into the ground. So remove all the leaves and buds from this section. You can leave the upper leaves.

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    Dig a several inches hole in the soil and place the bottom of the stem into it and cover with soil. Don't waste so much time on cutting the stem and planting it, as the chances of success gradually reduces with time. Water and take care of the plant accordingly. You can also put a cloche over your stem to encourage growth.

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