How to Grow Organic Catnip

When it comes to growing plants, there are so many things that are kept in mind. Some people want to make the most of the space and grow some vegetables while others want something that looks beautiful in their backyard.

Catnip is an herb that is both pleasing to look at and has some usefulness as well. Growing it at home is not a difficult matter and takes a bit of attention. Be prepared to grow some catnip and get the right tools and soon you will be having plenty of it in the backyard.


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    Choose Location

    Firstly, you will need to find an ideal location. The catnip requires lots of sun so be sure to pick a spot that receives a good amount of sunlight. Be sure to protect the plants from your cats or from those in the neighbourhood as they really like to consume this plant. Planting them in hanging baskets is also not a bad idea.

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    Get the Plant

    You can get a plant from the nursery. You can also use seeds for the purpose of growing it. Another solution is to get a starter kit for growing catnip which will have all the required materials for you to grow your first catnip plants. Make sure that the kit is organic as the chemicals used to grow catnip are quite harmful, particularly if your cat is going to mess with it every once in a while.

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    Sow Seeds

    Sow the seeds in rows and at a distance of 18 inches from each other. The plant does get pretty bushy. If you are using a container to grow these, do not sow more than a couple of seeds in one container.

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    In order to help your plant grow well, routinely prune it. When the leaves start appearing, cut off the part of the stem above the leaves. This will give rise to two stems and once you cut both of them, you will get a real bushy catnip plant.

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    Once the plant grows up to the height of 18 inches, you can take the leaves off or cut the whole stock. Let them dry. Once they are all dried up, you will have a lot of catnip leaves for your cat to feast on. A healthy plant can easily produce enough leaves for the cat to eat for the whole season.

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