How to Build a Planter Box from an Old Fence

Is your Fence got old and you want to get rid of it? wait a sec! What about it’s wood? Why not to reuse it with some useful ideas. So the idea is to make a planter box out of it, making the garden more attractive. It is not a difficult task; as it will takes lesser time in measuring, cutting and then assembling it into boxes and you are done. Since old wood is being used in this task so it is quite an economical innovation. Anyone having elementary know how can construct it at home within few hours.


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    Getting started by sorting the wooden plates. The old fence must be rotted and that’s why need to be changed. Look into its boards and check how you can use them.

  • 2

    Now set up your saw on any sawhorse and get start by cutting it out from the rotted area, after that cut them equally by length.

  • 3

    Try to reuse as much of wood as you can keeping in mind the uniform order for creating Planter box out from the fence.

  • 4

    Separate rotten pieces from the wood and throw them into recycle bin and the other useful shorter pieces on right side.

  • 5

    Use large pieces to make the front area, spread them out and then nail them after fixing on suitable position. First of all find out your dimensions and don’t make it hasten. Take some time, measure twice before cutting any piece.

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    Once you are done with nailing them all, next you need to scrub it in order to make its surface smooth and neat. After scrubbing, coat fresh paint of your choice on it.

  • 7

    Your planter box is ready. Place it where you want it, and then level it in your garden. Now fill the bottom area by using rocks to drain and rest by using soil. You can now fix plants in it. Have a nice day ahead.

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