How to Harvest Hollyhock Seeds

Hollyhocks are members of the mallow family, which is also known as Malvaceae. On a single vertical stalk, hollyhocks produce multiple flowers. Most hollyhock plants top out to about six feet but they can grow as tall as nine feet. Due to the fact that hollyhocks readily self-sow, you can save the seeds to be planted in the next season and take full advantage of this habit of the hollyhocks. If you have stored the hollyhock seeds properly, you do not have to plant them all at the same time as they remain usable for about three to five years.

Things Required:

– Garden snips
– Bowl or bucket
– Shallow trays
– Write-on labels
– Permanent marker


  • 1

    Allow hollyhocks to complete their life cycle

    In order to efficiently harvest the hollyhock seeds, you are required to let the plant complete its life cycle naturally. Wait until the seedpods turn brown at the end of the growth period and become completely dry. When the seed ring inside the pod is not white anymore and the shell peels off easily, the pods will be ready for harvesting.

  • 2

    Selection of plants

    For proper seed harvest, you must select the best available plants. Use a pair of garden snips to cut them from the stalk or handpick the seedpods. The pods need to be placed in a bowl or a bucket.

  • 3

    Separate the seeds from the papery husks

    To pull the flap which is covering the seed ring, you need to use your fingers. This process will help you separate the seeds from the papery husks. Having shaken the seeds out into a shallow tray, you are required to spread them about one layer deep. If needed, you may use an additional tray.

  • 4

    Stir the seeds daily

    The seeds need to be stirred every day with a finger. This will help you to dry the seeds evenly and completely, and to redistribute them.

  • 5

    Store the dry seeds

    Once the seeds have been properly dried, you can store them in an airtight container as it will allow you to keep the moisture away. To record the harvest date and the variety of hollyhock, you should attach a write-on label on the container and use a permanent marker to write down all the relevant details.

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