Flowers for a Beautiful Water Garden

A body of water evokes feelings of peace and tranquility. Many people would love to have a pond on their property. Ponds attract wildlife, and they add aesthetic value to land. Anyone can have a pond on their property, even those with very small yards. Garden ponds are becoming increasingly popular, and so are the water plants that inhabit them. Water plants provide wildlife such as birds, reptiles, amphibians, beneficial insects, butterflies, and small mammals with shelter, protection, shade, and food. It’s important to add plants to a water garden for this reason. The following water plants will attract wildlife to your garden pond, and these water plants will also add beauty, texture, and drama.

Globe Flowers

The globe flower gets its name from the shape of the blooms that adorn this lovely water plant. The blooms of the globe flower are bright orangish-yellow, and this water plant will reach a maximum height of approximately three feet. Globe flowers should be planted in zones three through seven for best results, and they require partial shade to full sun.

Butterflies are especially attracted to this brightly colored water plant. If you want vivid eye-catching color within your water garden, consider including this fantastic water plant. With proper care this water plant will thrive and attract an abundance of wildlife to your water garden.

Asclepias Ice Ballet Water Plants

This water plant is more commonly known as a swamp milkweed. Although the reference to a swamp makes this water plant seem unsuitable, this hybrid version of the swamp milkweed is actually a beautiful water plant. Asclepias ice ballet has bright white flowers that are quite fragrant. The fragrance of these sweet-smelling flowers attracts beautiful butterflies as well as many other kinds of wildlife.

Asclepias ice ballet reaches a maximum height of approximately four feet, and this water plant grows best in partial shade to full sun. Plant Asclepias ice ballet in a zone three through nine water garden for best results.

Cardinal Flowers

Cardinal flowers are water plants that have blooms as red as a majestic male cardinal. The flowers are numerous on this lovely water plant, and it will provide beautiful bright red blooms from midsummer through late fall. This water plant is very versatile because it can be brought indoors over the winter.

Cardinal flowers are a lower growing water plant with flower spikes reaching a maximum height of about four inches. This water plant is best suited for zones two through eight.

August Emperor Japanese Iris

This water iris is one of the most beautiful flowers provided by nature. The bright purplish-pink petals of this water plant have beautiful shades of blue fading from a white and yellow base. The style arms of this water iris are light pink that’s beautifully blended with white. The foliage of the August Emperor Japanese iris looks like broad blades of bluish-green grass.

The August Emperor Japanese iris reaches a maximum height of about three feet. This beautiful water plant is best suited for zones four through nine.

Full Eclipse Iris

Another beautiful water iris is the Full Eclipse water iris. This water flower boasts bright pinkish-purple blooms flanked with deep shades of burgundy that appear in the middle of summer. It is centered with bright yellow strips of color down three of six petals. Full eclipse is an appropriate name for this breathtaking water plant.

Full Eclipse Iris reaches a maximum height of about three feet. This water plant is best suited for water gardens in zones four through nine.

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