How to Catch Night Crawlers in your Yard

If you have decided to go for fishing then the most important thing you will need is the bait. You can use dead minnows, flies, small fish or even ground worms to catch the fish. Sometimes, it’s difficult to arrange the bait but catching night crawlers can reduce the difficulty level.

I am sure that your next thought will be how to catch them. Well, it is not that difficult as you think, rather you can catch them easily with a little bit of preparation. Couple of simple directions can be really helpful in getting bait from your own yard.


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    First of all, you will fill a bucket with warm water and ground mustard. Stir them to make a perfect combination and then be ready to pour the bucket over a specific area. However, make sure that the water is not very hot otherwise it can spoil your search for bait.

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    You also need to make a temporary holding place for night crawlers. For that, take a metal or plastic bucket and fill it with soil from your lawn. However, it is not necessary to fill the pot to its brim.

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    The next thing you need to do is to find the area where you think night crawlers can be found. The biggest sign of their presence will be small heaps of soil or worm excrement. Moreover, these earth worms inhabit where the soil is damp and soft. You should also look for them in dirt mounds.

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    After locking an area, you will water that area of the yard. Pour the bucket of solution over the ground and keep watering until it is saturated. This will force the earth worms to come out at the surface and you will be able to catch them with very little effort. Moreover, remove all the leaves, rocks and other unwanted debris from the ground.

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    It can be difficult to locate night crawlers in the dark so you should arrange some light. Using a red light can be really helpful as it does not disturb the worms. They can be hiding underneath leaves and rocks.

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    Now you should pull the worm up with your thumb and index finger. However, make sure that you are not applying too much force as it can kill them.

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    You should place the night crawlers in the bucket full of soil. It is better to wet the soil if you are going to use them after a couple of hours.

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