How to Build an Herb Spiral

You must be very much familiar to the benefits of an herb spiral. Enclosed by a spiral of rocks, a small area used to plant several spices of herbs is called an herb spiral. It not only gives a wonderful look to your garden, but also improves your kitchen garden appreciably.

A spiral of rocks is built to warm the surface. This technique helps the plants grow quickly as well as makes it easier to water the herbs. There are no fast and fast rules, but the spiral is normally built in a circle with one metre long diameter.

A bigger spiral will eventually prevent you from reaching the plants that are right in the middle of the circle, as you cannot enter the spiral to damage the herbs. One can, however, build a couple together in a yin-yang pattern.


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    First of all, identity the best place for building a spiral. The site should preferably be near the kitchen entrance. If you have a spiral of herbs very close to the entrance of your kitchen, it will save plenty of your time. Furthermore, you will be able to use fresh herbs in your recipes.

    The sun should reach that site though. You can use a shade, but the sun light should at least touch the herbs at least for a few hours every day. A lot of people prefer to build a spiral in the front-door lawn, as it gives a fantastic look to the guests.

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    After selecting the appropriate place for your spiral, start building it. You can hire a specialist to build a nice-looking structure of rocks. The planted herbs are important, but it is not a good idea to compromise on looks. Make a nice strong structure of the rocks. It should be in round shape; however, you can add variations according to your choice.

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    Now it is the time to plant the herbs. You can grow every herb of your choice, such as Rosemary, Pennyroyal and Basil. The location of each herb is very important. For example, Rosemary requires dry surface, therefore it should be planted right in the middle, because water drains down towards the bottom.

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    Proper maintenance is the key to get good results. It is not a tough practice though. You are just required to water the plants regularly and pick the herbs for your kitchen before they start fainting.

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