How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes in Containers

Cherry tomatoes are a delight relished in several dishes and salads. People with small garden space need not be deprived of the fantastic cherry tomatoes as they can be easily grown in containers. In fact, growing them in containers has a lot of benefits. The tomato plants can be easily moved according to the weather and they also get the proper individual attention. Furthermore, those empty bins lying around the house can be put to good use.

Gather some containers and start planting so that the kitchen gets a rich and steady supply of cherry tomatoes.

Things Required:

– Large plastic container
– Dish washing detergent and sponge
– Potting soil
– Tomato plants
– Cage or stakes


  • 1

    Find empty containers around the house. These could be old bins, plastic buckets, mud pots and empty oil containers from the kitchen. The container could be of plastic or mud. Whatever you find, make sure that it is clean of all residue. Wash the container with a dish washing detergent and a sponge. Let it dry well.

  • 2

    Turn over the container and drill a small drainage hole at the bottom. This small hole helps in getting rid of the excess water out of the container.

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    Get a good quality potting mix from a nursery. A fertile mix may cost higher but will ensure great growth of the tomatoes which will eventually pay off. Mix some compost with the soil before filling the containers to increase organic matter and fertility. Fill the container with this soil, but leave an inch space at the top for watering.

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    Make a small hole in every container for each tomato seedling. The hole should be deeper than the length of the roots of the seedlings. Plant the seedlings inside the hole. Now water the soil to make it moist and encourage the root growth of the tomatoes. Water the pots every two to three days; cherry tomato plants start flowering in a month.

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    Since the tomato plants will need support, it is better to install stakes or a cage around the containers to provide that. Commercial cages are available for container plants. These can be installed into the soil to support the plants and to keep them contained. If cages are not available, wood stakes can be installed into the soil. Plants are tied to these stakes using yarn or rope.

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