How to Care For Aquarium Plants

If you have ever maintained a freshwater aquarium in your home, you would certainly realise the importance of taking care of aquatic plants in it. As a matter of fact, aquarium plants require as much care as the fish in the aquarium. Aquarium plants can be taken care off without too much effort. All you will need to ensure is that the nutrition and environment needed by them is being fulfilled.

Things Required:

– Scissors
– Long Stick
– Water
– Anti-chlorine or Water Conditioners
– Aquatic Plant Fertilisers


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    Do Regular Check-ups

    Keep in mind that plants live and die just like any other living being. This means that some of the leaves on your aquarium plants will die from time to time. Immediately trim or prune such leaves in order to prevent further damage to the plant.

    - To promote new growth in the aquarium plants, it is wise to cut the old braches once in a while or at least separate the plant into multiple sections.

    - Snails can develop and eventually multiply in the aquarium very quickly. To ensure that the plants in your aquarium are not at a risk of being feasted upon, remove snails as soon as they become visible.

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    Perform Regular Water Changes

    Since the plants are immersed in aquarium water at all times, it is important to perform regular water changes. You should make it a habit to change at least 20 percent of the total water in the aquarium at least once in a week.

    - Make sure that the new water you add to the aquarium is de-chlorinated and at ideal temperature. Use anti-chlorine or water conditioner for de-chlorinating the water.

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    Aquarium plants require high levels of iron and potassium. To ensure that the aquarium plants get the ideal does of nutrients, use fertilisers that are available in pellet or in liquid form.

    - Be sure to comply with the product instructions in order to determine the appropriate quantity and frequency at which you should fertilise the plants.

    - Another possible way to take proper care of aquarium plants is to add substrates mixed with laterite clay from time to time.

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