How to Make Your Small Garden Look Bigger

Not everyone gets a chance to live in a house having a big garden. So having a small garden is common and experiencing less space in such a garden to accommodate certain plantations is also a tough job. But remember that where there is a will there is a way. Don’t fret, because you can give your garden a spacious look merely by following some techniques. Step by step gives you some tips and tricks to make your garden look bigger, spacious and at the same time, intriguing!


  • 1

    Choose right color for the flowers:

    Warm colored flowers like orange, yellow, red, brown if planted in the midst of the garden and cool colored flowers like blue, green, purple if planted along the boundaries of your garden, will give a spacious look to the garden.

  • 2

    Take care of proportion:

    Trim the plants that have taken more space and arrange them in proportion. Your plants and flowers should not look out of place, rather they should relate to one another.

  • 3

    Make paths:

    Create some walkways in your garden, preferably curved ones ending along corners unveiling new spaces. This will give rise to surprises in your garden and make it look bigger.

  • 4

    Hide fences:

    If your garden has fence, it’ll obviously make it look smaller. So, grow climbers on the fence in a way that the fence gets buried due to these spread-out climbers

  • 5

    Go Vertical:

    Vertical plantation in a small garden will not make it overcrowded. Leyland cypress is one tree that grows vertically, thus, choosing it would be a good option.

  • 6

    Add a step:

    This might seem surprising but a step can also help in giving your garden a broader look. It will create an illusion of larger space. Curves also make small spaces look spacious because there are no boundaries in sight.

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