How to Make Homemade Liquid Manure from Cow Pats

The cow is an amazing animal. It gives us both milk and meat; two important components of our diet and the source of most of our favorite foods. Where it does not contribute directly, like in vegetables, it plays an indirect role. Cow pat is used as manure in many parts of the world. This natural fertilizer aides plant growth and increases soil fertility. Unlike the artificial fertilizers, it has no or very little side effects and that is the reason behind its popularity. If you grow your own crops, vegetables or maintain a garden, you do need to give the step by step guide below a thorough read.


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    The preliminary steps:

    Wear gloves on your hands to avoid direct contact with the manure. If you have problems with inhaling the smell or dislike it, use a mask as well. Select a bucket which you will use for the process. Inform family members about your plans and ask them to keep away from that specific basket. Take special care of pets and children. Place the basket in an isolated part of the garden or yard.

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    Cow pat:

    Gather some sun dried cow pat. The quantity should be according to your needs, the size of the bucket and the net bag you are going to use. Put these pats into the net bag. Press down so that they are packed well.

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    Fill a large bucket or bin with water. Hang this net bag in the back. Close the lid to avoid the smell and the flies. Leave the bag for around three weeks. Remove when you are sure that the manure has broken down and dissolved in the water. Stir it occasionally with a long rod to ensure that the contents dissolve well.

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    After three weeks you can use the fertilizer on your plants. However, it will be a very strong mixture and you will have to dilute it first. For every one part of manure, add 9 parts of water for a rough proportion.

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