How to Grow Irish Moss from Seeds

Irish Moss, also known as scotch or sand wort moss, is one among the popular tiny plants, which has a number of various uses. It looks like a moss but it is actually a “perennial plant (seaweed).” The small lime-green coloured leaves along with the tiny white flowers that bloom during spring make it a super choice as a house plant. You can grow these beautiful and attractive Irish mosses from seeds in order to use them as filler in your garden stepping stones, patios, walkways, rock gardens and bricks etc. moreover you can grow them in your flowerbed as well.


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    Choose Location

    Right location and conditions are very essential for growing mosses from seeds. Irish moss grows well in dried up conditions with reasonably high humidity. Therefore, the best location you can select is the one which is dry with partial sunlight. If you are planning to grow the Irish moss in the indoor environment, then you can fill a large plant pot with dry soil and set it somewhere near the doors or windows, receiving proper sunlight.

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    Wait for right time

    If sowing the seeds indoors, you don’t need to wait for any specific season or month. For outdoor environment, do not grow them during winter season as birds do not find sufficient food during this season and can find their way to your Irish moss’s seeds. Wait until the last frost of winter season has passed and sow the seeds anytime during the spring season.

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    Prepare the soil

    Prepare the soil properly before sowing the Irish moss seeds. If using a pot, use a large fork to break up the soil and them mix in some sand. For an outdoor environment, use your garden tools to dig the selected area. Use a shovel to break up the soil and to smoother out the surface. Sprinkle some sand over the surface and use a small shovel to mix it with the soil.

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    Sowing the seeds

    Once you prepare the soil, sprinkle the selected Irish moss seeds all over the surface of the soil and leave them like that. These seeds don’t need covering or burying into the soil. However, you can cover them with a thin layer of soil –if you like.  Now leave it for some time. Do not allow the soil to dry out and water the time to time, using a watering can. Your sowed Irish moss’ seeds will take one to three weeks to germinate/sprout.

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    Welcome the tiny seedlings

    Once you notice the tiny seedlings all over the surface of the soil, start a daily inspection to keep an eye on the growth of your Irish moss. Water the seedling once the soil is about to dry.

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    Thinning the Seedlings

    Thinning the seedling is a simple activity to do away with the weak ones and to maintain proper distance in between them so that they grow well. Once your Irish moss’ seedlings are about ½-inch tall, pluck the some of the seedlings in order to maintain a suitable distance between them.

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    Fertilize your Irish moss

    Once your Irish moss are grown to a reasonable height, use natural or a 6-4-4 fertilizer after their blooming season or late spring to late summer. It is useful for the nourishment of the plants.

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