How to Get Rid of Fuschia Plant Pests

Fuschia plants are one of the most sensitive and delicate plants varieties. They can quickly catch pests and different types of diseases. Another problem is that these pests cannot be killed only through chemical solutions and you might have to adopt a green campaign to permanently get rid of them.  This includes use of soapy water and other solutions such as regular pruning. Through regular monitoring of the plants, you nevertheless are able to get rid of pests. If you are late to act, the pests will spread quickly and damage will be greater.


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    Make sure you regularly inspect the plants and prune dead or ill leaves. This can also lead to discovery of any disease or pests attack on the plants and you can quickly act to help cure your plants from them.

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    In case your plants catch pests, one ways is to use your outside hose and water them through jets. This can help removal of pests off the plants leaves and might kill them on-spot. You should ensure that plants leaves are not damaged through intense pressure of the water.

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    If intense water pressure does not remove and kill the pests, use soapy water. Spray the water on the plants leaves. This can help quickly get rid of the pests, and also can prevent their return for a considerable amount of time. You can use soapy water regularly on your plants and this will keep them protected against all diseases and pests.

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    A regular pruning of plants is another solution that can work more effectively than any other solution. You should inspect the plants regularly and prune the leaves whenever you spot a change on the leaves, sign of any disease or pest or else if the plants are dried and dead. Pruning can also help your plant stay healthy and fresh.

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    You can also try to pitch the enemies of these pests against them, meaning try to luring hoverflies to them and they will eat the bugs and pests in a matter of minutes. You can spill something sweet on the leaves of the plants that attract the flies and then they can extend their operation clean-up to wipe off the pests as well.

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    You can also use chemical solutions. Make sure you choose a right solution for your plants that only kills the pests and does not damage the plants themselves. Since these plants are more delicate and sensitive, a chemical solution can be too harsh on the leaves and it can damage the plants quickly. Use a solution that is only for these plants and mix it with it with water or any other liquid as per instructions before using it.

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