How to Care for a Neighbor’s Garden

If your neighbors for any reasons trust you with the task of taking care of their garden in their absence, you have to do the task no matter if you are a layman. You do not need to be an expert to take care of plants and flowers in the garden, it just needs some basic watering and weeding out skills. With a bit of effort from you the job can be well done and there is a possibility your neighbor might be impressed with your skills and your relationship with them improves. The most important thing in the process is that you genuinely show interest in doing the job and make a genuine effort into it. If you just have a glance and see everything is right on the top, it will not serve the purpose. The plants can catch diseases or insects can attack them if they are not attended to for a longer period of time, and if your neighbors are on a lengthy trip, their garden will certainly be ruined. So just take a genuine interest in protecting plants through some simple steps.


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    Inspect Plants Regularly

    You should inspect the plants and flowers regularly since departure of your neighbors to avoid chances of them catching certain diseases or insects.

  • 2

    Prune Plants

    If you find dead leaves or leaves with showing signs of diseases or insects, immediately remove them. This will stop diseases from further spread, and insects cannot damage them anymore.

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    Remove Weeds

    Weeds are also enemies of plants and are equally effective in damaging them. So, if you during your inspection tours find weeds growing beyond a certain level, remove them. Removing them immediately is the better option in plants protection and care.

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    Remove Bugs/Insects

    You should also remove bugs and insects from leaves, as leaving them longer spreads their outreach to more leaves and more plants. You can spray insecticide to get better results.

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    Watering Plants

    Watering plants is the most important step in the garden care. You should water the plants on a regular basis, depending on weather conditions. If it is winter, you do not need to remove protective stuff around them to water. In that case watering deeply just before winter is enough. You can also add some fertilizers to the plants. It will keep them healthy.

  • 6

    Add Flower Plants

    You can also add some flower plants at empty places to make the garden more colorful. In this way you will be able to even impress your neighbor, and they can grateful for your genuine efforts.

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