How to Care for a Norfolk Pine Plant

Norfolk pine tree is a popular house plant that can be grown the whole year round. What makes Norfolk a good choice is that unlike other evergreen plants – such as pine, yew and spruce – it does not drop needles. Moreover, it is a slow grower and resists various seasonal changes or infectious diseases.

Norfolk is a living, indoor Christmas tree, whose lush green whorled branches, flexible needles, dark green colour and drooping branches provide a luxuriant background for colourful interior decorations.

When planted indoors, its size is limited by the container or pot it is grown in. A well grown indoor Norfolk pine can slowly reach up to 5-6 feet (1.52 to 1.82 meter); however, outdoors, in frost free weather, it can go as high as 100 feet.


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    The elegant Norfolk pine is hard to propagate from seeds or cuttings, so if you are planning to add one such plant to your indoor collection then start with a growing plant. When selecting a Norfolk, look for one with dark green needles and branches going well down the stem.

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    Norfolk is an indoor plant but can thrive outdoors as well in a frost free climate. When planting in a container, place it in a permanent location as these plants do not like transplantation or relocation. Remember, these pine trees can survive in artificial light but will not thrive well, so place the container  in a spot close to window, where the tree can receive bright, filtered morning sunlight. If you want to plant the tree outdoors, in a frost-free area, then chose a place in light shade.

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    Pot your Norfolk pine correctly, using a good houseplant potting mix, not the garden soil. Make sure that the container has a perfect draining system. Keep re-potting the tree until it reaches your desired height. Once its attains the height you want, stop re-potting.

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    Norfolk plants need to be kept moist throughout the year, but not soggy wet. However, when it is gloomy and cold in winters, let the pot medium dry slightly between watering. Use room temperature, rain or distilled water if possible. Water your plant until the pot drains from the bottom, but make sure that you empty the draining tray at the earliest.

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    These plants prefer cooler temperatures, so keep your Norfolk pine tree between 4.4 to 29.4 degrees Celsius (40 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit).

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    If you want your Norfolk to grow well, feed it with a balanced houseplant fertilizer once a month.

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