How to Care for Camellias in Pots

Camellias are flowering plants mostly found in southern parts of Asia. They are mostly grown for commercial uses because of their flowers. Most Camellias species require large quantities of water. However, some require less amount of water to grow.

Things Required:

– 4-gallon plant pot
– Gravel
– Potting soil
– Drip tray
– Fertilizer
– Pruning shears


  • 1

    Transfer your camellia into a container or a pot

    First of all you need to put your camellia from nursery into a container or a pot. Remember its base should be wide as it will reduce heaviness on the top.

    Note that you need to pick up the container which has many drainage holes in it. These will help reduce moisture in the camellia plants.

  • 2

    Place gravel on the bottom

    Next you need to put gravel at the bottom of the pot. Then put potting soil in it. Take the camellia plant out from the temporary container and put it in permanent pot.

    Note that the gravel should be 1-inch thick.

  • 3

    Place the plant near window

    Put your camellia plant in a sunny area at your house so it could receive enough sunshine. Try to place you plant near shady area as too much of heat will damage it.

    Remember to turn the pot in weekly basis or every two weeks.

  • 4

    Water your plant once or twice a week

    You need to water your camellia plant once or twice a week. This will keep the soil damp near your plant’s roots.

    Note that camellia plants cannot withstand excess water or shortage of water.

  • 5

    Apply flowering shrub fertilizer

    You need to spray flowering shrub fertilizers on monthly basis.

    Note that you need to follow the instructions written on the label carefully in order to apply the fertilizer.

  • 6

    Remove dead leaves and flowers

    You need to get rid of drooped or dead flowers and leaves of your plant. This will minimize the possibility of spreading the disease to remaining parts of the plant.

    Remember you need to get rid of any of the leaves and branches you see dead as soon as possible.

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