How to Stop Birds from Eating Your Fish

Having a pond or lake in your backyard can make the yard very beautiful and enjoyable. The yard serves as a place where you can go to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, listen to the sound of the water, and bask in the warmth of the sunlight. The pond can serve for all sorts of recreational activities. Many people enjoy fishing in their pond even if they throw back the fish that they catch rather than eat them. Sometimes problems can occur when bird start eating the fish. When birds are eating the fish in the pond, it can become a problem because the fish do not get a chance to grow and multiply. There are some ways to stop birds from eating your fish so that you can continue to enjoy your lake or pond.

To stop a bird from eating your fish, you can cover the pond or lake with a net. While this might not be the most aesthetically pleasing solution, the net will serve as a means to keep a bird from getting to the water. If you decide to use a net as a way to keep a bird from eating your fish, make sure that the net is secure around the perimeter of the lake so that the bird cannot climb under it and get to the fish.

There are various electronic devices that emit sounds or visuals that scare birds away. You can choose to use one or both of these kinds of devices in order to keep the birds from eating your fish. It might be necessary to use several different kinds of scaring devices at different periods of time so that the bird does not become accustomed to the devices, thus making the device ineffective. Also make sure that when you use these devices as a way to keep the bird from eating your fish that the device does not disturb residential areas that are around you. Some neighbors might not mind a bird eating their fish. It is also a good practice to use these kinds of devices when the birds first start eating the fish. If you wait until they have a regular eating pattern, it will be more difficult to stop them from eating the fish

Since some birds are protected by laws, you can’t just go outside with a shotgun to keep them from eating your fish. When you want to stop a bird from eating your fish, you must resort to other measures to save your fish. You can start by contacting the Department of Natural Resources for information on what you can do to stop the bird from eating your fish. They will be able to give you various options on what you can do. When these options do not work, they might issue you with a special permit that will allow you to kill the birds that are eating your fish, this permit is only valid at your home or other site.

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