How to Organize Gardening Tools

Do you have problems finding your gardening tools? Do you spend a lot of time looking for them? For a gardening enthusiast, not having the right tools can be a big turn off. Organizing your tools in an easy and stylish manner not only saves you time but also prevents any loss. It might take time in the beginning to set up the system but once done, it is going to save you headaches.

Our step by step guide has some innovative and practical ideas to aid that gardener inside you. Get working with no worries about your tools.


  • 1

    Pegboard and Trellis:

    Screw  a peg board to your shed wall. A peg board is a multipurpose object where you can hang objects and also lets you install shelves on it. The hooks on it will let you hang long objects while the shelves will help you keep objects like watering can, seed jars etc and of course your gloves. Trellis are shelves with several levels. You can classify the levels for different types of objects. They also look very attractive and decorative.

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    Glass Jars for Seeds:

    Look for spare glass jars in the kitchen. They should have lids. They could be the marmalade jar or of any other product. Wash them up and dry them. Store your seeds in them and label them accordingly. Place them on a section of your trellis.

  • 3

    Old Cabinets for Pots:

    If you have extra pots lying around, do not let them clutter the floor space. Re use an old kitchen cabinet for storing these. These will also keep them safe from breaking because most of them are made of clay.

  • 4

    Tool box:

    For small tools, a tool box is the best option. This way the tools are kept safe and there is no danger of loosing them. This way you can be sure of the exact location of a tool like scissor which is small in size. All family members should know the organizing scheme for the tools.

  • 5

    Hang the Long Tools:

    Hanging long tools like like shovels on pegs is the best idea because this way they are more accessible and do not take much space.  You can always take them off for use from the peg.

  • 6

    Hook for the Hose:

    Install a hook with a steep angle to wrap your garden hose around. This will not only keep your hose from wear n tear but will also avoid any stumbling over it. It of course reduces a lot of clutter.

  • 7

    Garden basket:

    Use a wicker basket smartly. Put in it the tools that you use most frequently. This will help you in carrying the tools to the garden.This could hold your gloves, scissors and trowels. A portable wheel ramp will also make life easier for you  in transporting heavy tools.

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