Quick and Easy Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are great because you can put them outside, inside, hang them off your deck, dangle them from trees, and more. There are some very unique ways to make hanging planters that don’t require a lot of money, too. Even an old plastic bowl can become a beautiful planter.

A quick and inexpensive way to turn a plastic bowl into a planter is to use glue and glitter. Spread the glue all over the bowl then sprinkle with glitter. This will cover any mars on the bowl and give it a new look. Spray with clear lacquer to protect the glitter. Use a heated nail and a potholder to poke holes in the sides of the bowl, down near the very bottom edge. Or, poke one hole in the center bottom of the bowl. If the bowl has a lip you can use “S” hooks and rope to make an appropriate hanger. If the bowl has no lip you can still make a hanger.

To make a hanger for bowls and other items that are difficult to hang cut three pieces of rope that will be long enough to go from the hanger, down under the bowl, then back up to the hanger again. Make one piece of rope about six inches longer than the other two pieces. Lay two of the rope pieces in an “X” shape then put the third piece across the center of the “X”. Set the bowl in the center of the ropes and gather all the rope ends together, above the bowl. One piece should be much longer than the others. Take the end of it and fold it in half.

Wrap a rubber band around the rope pieces to hold them temporarily. Use contact cement to tie a separate, small piece of rope, round and around the rope ends. The contact cement will hold the ropes in place forever. Put an “S” hook into the rope loop to hang the potted plant outdoors or inside. To hang the potted plant indoors you’ll need a plate to catch excess water. Use the contact cement to attach an ordinary, lightweight dinner plate to the bottom of the ropes and pot.

Terra cotta pots make great hanging planters. Choose three or four, equal in size, with a lip around the top. The ideal pot is one that is shaped like a pitcher. Use a piece of rope that is approximately twelve feet long. You can adjust this amount if you’re using extra large or extra small terra cotta pots. Fold the rope in half. Measure from the center of the folded rope down about a foot or so. Spread contact cement under the lip of the pot, all the way around. Wrap the ropes around the pot making sure the cement is making contact with both rope pieces. Wrap the rope pieces all the way around and allow to dry. Now measure about a foot and a half down before doing the same to the next pot.

Continue adding the pots until you have the length you want. Place plants in the pots and use an “S” hook to hang the potted plants from a window ledge, in a corner of the room, or from a tree. The rope makes the pots hang crooked for a unique plant hanger. This project works great with plain plastic pitchers as well.

Wallpaper troughs, found at home improvement stores, are extremely cheap and effective for hanging plants. Place the soil and plants in the trough. You can even use silk plants if you wish. Wrap a rope around the lip of the trough and glue into place with contact cement. Leave a small space with no glue, at each end, to allow a space for attaching the hangers. Cut two pieces of fishing twine and thread one piece through each end. Tie the twine ends in a knot. Hang in a tree. Instead of plants you can also use this craft to hold bird seed.

Even a cardboard box can become a planter. Place plastic inside to make sure the entire box is covered. Decorate the outside of the box in any manner you wish. Put soil and plant in the box. Use contact cement to affix rope pieces to the corners of the box. Fold one rope piece and use the dangling ends to glue to opposite corners. Fold a second rope piece and affix the loose ends of that piece to the other two corners. Where the rope pieces meet at the top slide an “S” hook through and hang.

There are many ways to make a hanging plant, whether you choose to make your own hanger or purchase one. Plant pots can be made from cups, cereal bowls, plastic ware of any shape, empty glass jars, cardboard boxes, cut milk jugs, aluminum cans that are cut in half, and all sorts of other things. Look around your house to see what kind of hanging pots you can create.

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