How to Make Seed Bombs

Seed bombing is a technique used to introduce vegetation to a neglected land by throwing or dropping compressed balls of clay and compost containing seeds. While seed bombs are easily available in market, you can also make them at home using seeds of your own choice. The best thing about making your own seed bombs is that besides being cheap and easy to make, they are natural and organic and do not pollute the ground after seed germination.

Things Required:

– Water
Seeds native to your area
– Compost or worm castings
– A yogurt container top or any large flat surface


  • 1

    Prepare clay

    Cut a very thin piece of the clay using a sharp knife. Thick pieces of clay will be hard to press and shape into a ball. Place the cutting on a large surface and press it down to make a two inch high sheet. Cut 2 ½ inches pieces from this sheet.

  • 2

    Add the compost

    Take the finest compost available in your local nursery and sprinkle it onto the clay as much as possible. The more compost you use, the more will be the chances of quick seed germination.

  • 3

    Add Seeds

    Place about two seeds on each piece of clay containing compost. Check with your local Nature Conservancy for which seeds are native to your area.

  • 4

    Add water

    Add a few drops of water to every ball. Be very careful when adding water - slightly more than required amount of water will turn your seed ball into a sloppy mess that may be hard to launch.

  • 5

    Make a bomb

    Scrape off the clay using tips of your fingers and roll it into a ball, ensuring the seeds do not go out of the bomb.

  • 6

    Adding More Compost

    Put the seed bomb into a pot containing compost, roll it, take it out and rub it again until your bomb is almost covered with the compost.

  • 7

    You are finished

    Let the seed bomb air dry completely. Make more seed bombs following the same procedure. Fill your pockets and even hat with these seed bombs and go to the area you want to cultivate. Throw your seed bombs into the bare lot and water the area generously to allow germination of seeds.

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