How to Grow Potatoes in a Garbage Can

Many of our favorite foods use potatoes because of its delicious taste and fulfilling nature. Boiled, fried and baked; potatoes are loved every way. When there is a mention of growing potatoes, most of us envision a large wide field for the plantation. However, like any other plant, potatoes can be grown in your home where space is limited. Growing potatoes in buckets is an ideal option for people who do not have enough ground cover and do not waste their time digging around for potatoes. This will also put to good use your old garbage cans which are perfect for this job. Growing potatoes them is really easy. Gather some cans and the rest of help is provided by our step by step guide below.

Things you need:

–  30-gallon plastic garbage can
–  Drill with a 1/2-inch bit
–  Seed potatoes
–  Potting soil
–  Organic 5-10-5 fertilizer
–  Compost


  • 1

    Get seed potatoes from an online shop, friend gardeners or a nursery. The perfect planting season is early spring, just after the frost. You can also grow potatoes through the eyes of old large potatoes. Cut the potatoes in several pieces. Make sure that there are a few eyes on each piece. Let the cut part dry before plantation.

  • 2

    Look for a 30-32 gallon garbage can. Clean it out of all garbage remains and wash it. Turn it upside down. Now use the drill to make a few holes in it. These holes will serve as the drainage holes for getting rid of excess water. With over watering, there is a risk that you potatoes will rot.

  • 3

    Potting soil can be used to grow the potatoes. Fill the can two third with potting soil. Add a cup of fertilizer to the soil and mix it in well. It is better to use organic fertilizer with a consistency of 5-10-5. Place the potatoes in the can, with a space of five inches between each. Cover them with 5-6 inches of soil.

  • 4

    Water the potatoes regularly. However, the soil should not be soggy. Once the leaves develop, add a layer of compost around the stem without covering the leaves. Keep the can watered well. When the growing season ends, harvest a few potatoes when the leaves turn brown. You can simply turn over the can and collect the potatoes from the soil. You can use the compost soil for the flower garden.

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