How to Lay Bermuda Grass

Grass provides a great ground cover. It has many varieties with its own specific properties. Bermuda grass is the variety of grass you find in golf courses, sport ground and any other area with high traffic. It is an aggressively growing grass which is sturdy and does not demand much maintenance. This makes it ideal for such areas where it is laid in large patches. It has a dark green color and is resistant to traffic, heat and other elements. It can be easily grown and maintained if you know the right method and requirements. Our step by step guide provides you with them.

Things Required:

– Shovel
– Rototiller
– Roller
– Bermuda grass sod
– Lawn mower


  • 1

    Calculate the size of the area you want to cover. Record the measurement in square feet. This will help you get the appropriate size of sod to be laid in your area. Clear out the area of any weed growth. Use a rototiller to dig up to 5 inches of top soil. Loosen the soil up to make plantation easier.

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    You have to do a PH test for the soil before proceeding. Bermuda grass grows best in soil with PH between 6.0 and 7.0. Take a sample of your soil and get a PH test from a local university or resource center. If the PH is any different than this range, apply soil amendment products to the soil to fix the PH. Till in the amendment mixtures.

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    You can add mulch to the soil at this stage to increase its water retention property and to enrich it. Apply a  fertilizer to the top soil. Spread the fertilizer and mix it in the soil using the rototiller. Use a roller smooth and pat down the soil after all this.

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    Now that the soil is prepared, lay the sod over it. Unroll it and lay the sod pieces in a horizontal pattern. Do a close fit with no spaces in between the layers. Make sure that the layers do not overlap because it can harm the smoothness of the grass. After you lay the sod and all the area is covered, pass a roller over  to make the roots take hold and get rid of any air pockets remaining.

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    Water the plant deep daily. In about ten days time, the grass will take roots. Alter the watering routine to weekly watering, allowing the roots to grow strong.

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