How to Install a Winter Pool Cover

Most people have lavish pools in their luxury homes and can enjoy the summer season in all its glory; however, during the winter and autumn seasons, or when you are leaving town for a few weeks, it is advisable to cover your pool. When constructing a pool, it is suggested that you drill holes for anchors in order to place a cover later in the winter season in areas where winters are harsh. Since you know that you will not be using the pool for the season, there is no point of leaving it open.


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    First and foremost, you need to measure the length of your pool to finalise the size of the cover which you will need. It is advisable to add two inches to the pool length for the cover as it needs to be bigger than your pool.

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    The first step is to drain your pool completely; it is not a good idea to cover a pool that still has water in it. Since it will be months before you take off the cover, the water would have gotten dirty and rendered useless. Leaving stagnant water for so long can also cause fungus to grow in your pool, which will cost you a lot in cleaning for the next summer.

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    To use a cover, you need to set anchor points. Place two anchors at all the corners with a 90-degree angle. It is important to keep the anchors around 18 inches away from the pool's edge to ensure proper coverage.

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    Now drill holes at the locations chosen for the anchors. You may have to use a strong drill to cut through the concrete. Only hammer the anchor once the holes are about two to three inches deep. Keep hammering the anchors until they are properly fixed.

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    You will now need to secure the anchors with springs, and then with the help of another person spread the cover over the pool.

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    The cover needs to be centred properly so that the pool is not left open from any side.

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    Tie the cover and anchor together with a cable wire and make sure that the knots are tight enough to hold the cover in place.

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