How Music Affects Plant Growth

Every second person can demonstrate how a plans shows response to light, water and other common stimuli. Have you ever thought about a project where a plant thrives under the influence of music?

Music has been known to have tremendous effect on the human mind. With plants, it seems to continue the legacy. This project is not only interesting concept for the science fair project with amazing discoveries but is also sure to give you an edge over the other science enthusiasts.

Estimated Experiment Time: Several weeks

Things you will need for the project:

– 6 sprouted bean plants or seedlings
– 6 plastic cups or pots
– 6 Plastic plates
– 1 bag of potting soil
– Music CD
– Journal or logbook
– Ruler
– Scissors
– 2-3 gallons of distilled water


  • 1

    Take six small pots or cups and poke small holes in their bottom.

  • 2

    Now, place the plastic pots or plates on six plastic plates and fill them with some potting soil.

  • 3

    Plant one sprouted bean plant or seedling in each of the plastic pots or cups. Properly insert the roots of the plants into the soil and fixing them thoroughly.

  • 4

    Now, shift the first two plastic pots or cups in the room of your house that is very quiet. The corner of your parents’ room is the best choice for this activity.

  • 5

    Move on and place the next two pots or cups in another room of your house that is relatively quiet with proper arrangement of music. Make sure to expose these two pots or cups of plants to some music for portion of the day.

  • 6

    Now, put the last two pots or cups of beans plants in a room that has usual regular noise, like the common room, living room or TV lounge of your house.

  • 7

    Inspect the plants everyday and play some music to the plants in the second room. Water all of the six beans plants on every third day or whenever you find they soil dry. Moreover, do not forget to have a copy, pencil and ruler with you during the inspection in order to note down the measurements related to the plants. Note down every change related to the plants. For example, change in the height; color and lushness etc of the plants. Repeat all these activities of this step for fee week.

  • 8

    Now, you have all the measurement in hand at the end of few weeks.  Simply chart the obtained measurements in a graph to show the impact of the three different atmospheres on the plants. For example, which set of bean plants grow better? Which bean plants are greener? Did the plants in room number 2 benefit from the music? Or did the plants in the silent room grow better than the rest of plants? The graph will help you to determine the impact of various environments on the growth and nourishment of plants, especially the music.

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