How to Care for a Goldfish Plant

If you have an area available to accommodate indoor plants, then the Goldfish Plant is one of the most beautiful choices. It has been given the name due to its resemblance with the goldfish. The vibrant dark green leaves and gorgeous red, orange, or yellow flowers on the top stems enhance overall interior decoration and look of your house. The best thing about this lovely plant is that it comes in more than 25 varieties to bring colour to your living area. With proper care, you can make your goldfish plant bloom throughout the year. Caring for a goldfish plant is an easy and smooth process. It does not require any special gardening skills. All you have to do is, a bit attention and proper knowledge of the procedures involved in its care.


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    Light for a Goldfish Plant

    An area with proper bright sunlight light will work amazingly for the growth and propagation of your Goldfish Plant. However, bright light doesn't mean direct sunlight at all.  If you find the bright green leaves of the goldfish plant curling up, it is an ultimatum for your that your plant is not receiving proper light that it requires. So make arrangement somewhere else.

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    Watering of a Goldfish Plant

    Goldfish plant is drought resistant. So there is no need to overdose it with water.  Try to keep its soil damp most of the time, but make sure to prevent it from being squelchy. Spraying method is the best choice to water the goldfish plant where it would be able to receive only the required amount.

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    Fertilize your Goldfish Plant

    Proper fertilization is another factor that plays vital role in the growth and nourishment of your goldfish plant. During spring and winter, feed your plant with fertilizer after every two weeks. On the other hand, fertilization once in a month would be enough during autumn and winter. High-phosphate liquid fertilizer is the recommended one for the goldfish plant. However, make sure that it is watered down to a quarter of its suggested strength.

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    Suitable Temperature for a Goldfish Plant

    The room temperatures between 65 to 85 degrees work well for the goldfish plant. Powerful heat can burn and curl the leaves of your plant. Try your level best to keep it out of drafts and far away from any type of heating system.

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    Humidity Level for a Goldfish Plant

    Goldfish Plant prefers high humidity conditions. But, it possesses all the capabilities to familiarize well to basic household humidity.

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    Pest control for a Goldfish Plant

    The vibrant colour combination of Goldfish plant’s leaves and flowers attract Mealy Bugs and Aphids. You will find it a bit tiring task to do away with these irritating insects, but it is not difficult or impossible task at all. Check out, How to Control Mealybugs on Indoor Plants and How to Get Rid of Aphids on Plants.

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    Shape of a Goldfish Plant

    Proper pruning is very essential task to keep your Goldfish Plant in good and eye-catching shape. There is no need to prune it during its first year. Use a sharp pruning knife to trim off the bottom third of the roots at the end of every second year. Keep about 30 to 45 cm (12-18 inches) distance between the large Goldfish plant in order to prevent it from being gangly.

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    Pinch your Goldfish Plant

    It is the time to play with your loving goldfish plant. Pinch of its growing tips time to time in order to boost the branching process. You will simply love the enhancement in the overall look of your goldfish plant that is dense and luxuriant.

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    Survive the Resting Period of Goldfish Plant

    Do not worry if your goldfish plant undergoes the resting period when it would be dropping its leaves. The best thing you can do is, reduce the watering activities for approximately one month in order to give it some time to be a bit drier.

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