How to Repair a Leaky Garden Hose

It’s a warm and sunny day and your grass needs watering, as does the vegetable garden you just planted, and your car needs washing. You need to go find your garden hose, which you put somewhere to ensure it wouldn’t freeze or crack over the winter.

Once you’ve found the garden hose you must attach it to the faucet to test it to see if its still in good working condition or needs a repair before it can be used. As soon as you turn the garden hose on you see that there is water leaking from a couple of places. It needs a repair or two. What are the alternatives for making a repair instead of replacing your garden hose?

The repair kits you need to fix your garden hose are available at any hardware store. Mark the spots with an indelible marker so you can find it when you return with the supplies you need to make the repair.

Most likely, the leak means that you should cut the piece of garden hose, remove the part with the hole in it and then using to reattach the garden hose. To make this type of repair, first wash the garden hose in warm water with lots of dish soap. This will soften the piece of garden hose you are working with and make it easier for you to fit the two pieces together and make a successful repair. The pieces you need to use can be bought in plastic or in brass. You will require a few tools, including a good pair of pliers, to make this repair. Once you have fitted the pieces together and squeezed the fitting securely together, there should be no further leak. A tiny leak in your garden hose is even easier to repair; all you need is to wrap a little duct tape around the spot to cover the hole.

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