How to Care for Lawn in Winter

In some parts of the world, lawn grass becomes quiescent in the winter season. In the south of the hemisphere the temperature is a lot warmer so ryegrass is often over seeded into the grass to maintain a lush green lawn. And for people in the North, it is extremely cold for any grass to even survive let alone grow so they patiently wait for the spring season to come in. the lawn gets brittle in the winters and your grass ends up under a cover of snow and sometimes not in short winters are not the best time for your lawn. There are certain considerations that one should put in order to keep their lawn safe in winter.


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    Keep the lawn clean during winters clean up any fallen leaves and debris; it is important to also check for toys in the yard. These things are dangerous and if not put away from the grass they will deteriorate it and cause disease conditions and can also invite other damaging pests to your home

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    When you plan to Mow your lawn consider lowering the height of the mower by a notch or two ‘’0.5 - 1.0’’. if you have any longer grass in your lawn it can easily smother itself and cause diseases because of humidity trapped under the grass and this can cause the grass to spoil.

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    Do not cut the grass too short exposing the scalp or the crown of the plant because that can also make it vulnerable to pests and cold.

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    Avoid walking on the grass in winters because the exposed elements and dormant the grass because the fluids inside the grass are frozen so they cannot tolerate too much traffic on top and it will take them time to recover from the damages and go green again in the spring season.

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    If you want to save your lawn from the getting frozen monitor the weather conditions. Because the grass cannot tolerate extreme winter conditions it would be wise to chip away all exposed ice in a diminutive exposed spot that is on lower ground in case of a winter storm or deep freeze approaching.

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    Never feed the plants in winter because they are slower to response this can cause them to suffocate in the fertilizer it is better if you feed them in the spring season.

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