How to Get Amaryllis to Rebloom

Amaryllis are flowers with slender necks that come in a variety of colors, from deep red to white ones. They make quite a show with their colors and patterns and are adaptable for both indoor and outdoor plantation. They have a majestic presence and look great when in bloom during the holiday season. However, these plants go into a dormant mode after bloom and it might prove difficult for home owners to re-bloom them, especially during the holiday season when everyone wants an addition of natural color. However, with a little effort in the right direction, Amaryllis can be made to bloom. The trick is to provide it with an environment that is akin to its natural setting.


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    During the winter, when the Amaryllis is in bloom, keep it in a relatively cooler place. There should not be direct sunlight over it. This way, the bloom of the flowers will be extended. However, keep the plant moist with regular watering.

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    When the winter is over and the flowers have died down, here comes your time to ensure that the amaryllis will re-bloom. Place the plant on a window sill which gets ample sunshine. When the last flower on the stalks has dried, use a gardener cutter to cut the stalk right from the top of the bulb. However, do not cut off any fresh leaves. During this time, the plant will grow strength to re-bloom. So give it enough water and sunlight. You can also add fertilizer to make the plant strong.

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    When spring arrives, transfer the plant outside. Keep it on a sunny location and supply regular water. Some of the leaves might wither but don’t be alarmed. Apply a liquid fertilizer or a slow releasing granular one. During the summer, the leaves will develop and the plant will regain energy to bloom.

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    Bring in the plant back in September. Place it in a cool place. Trim off the foliage when it dries down. This is the dormant period of the plant. Do not water it during this period. Also cut off the leaves when they dry down. This period should ideally be six weeks long.

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    After the dormant period, the plant takes around six weeks to bloom, so decide when you want to re-bloom it. Six weeks before this date, re-pot the plant in a new soil mixture of one part soil, one part peat moss, and one part perlite or vermiculite. The pot should have a drainage hole in the bottom. Water the soil thoroughly and place it in a sunny location. Keep the soil moist.

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