How to Layer a Compost Pile

Most people familiar with gardening understand the importance of having a good compost pile. However, it can take quite some time to get the proper compost that you want from your pile if it is not properly layered. A compost pile is a great natural way to get the perfect growing nutrients for plants in your garden. It is an environmentally sound alternative to buying fertilizers and other materials for use in your garden. Layering a compost pile is not difficult if you follow some simple guidelines that can help you get started.


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    Select location:

    You will need to find a decent location for your compost pile. Try to pick a location that is not in direct sunlight as it will dry out the compost pile relatively quickly. Also remember that your compost pile is not the greatest thing to look at so try to find a place that is out of the way like the back or corner of the garden.

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    Layer branches:

    Once you have found the ideal location, you will need to layer some small branches on the ground as a base for your compost pile. These branches are perfect for helping the compost pile get necessary air and water drainage.

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    Layer brown materials:

    On top of the branches you can put some brown materials which include dried up leaves and plants. Make this layer according the amount of brown materials that you have on hand.

  • 4

    Spray water:

    Spray some water over this brown layer so that it gets damp. Remember to not overdo it as you do not want to the entire pile to collapse due to excess water in the bottom layers.

  • 5

    Layer green materials:

    After you have put water on the brown materials you can now add or layer green materials like weeds and lawn waste. You can also put materials like potato peels and other spent food items in this layer.

  • 6

    Add dirt:

    On top of this layer you can add some dirt or soil. Remember to completely cover this green layer with dirt evenly.

  • 7

    Duplicate layers:

    Now you can duplicate the previous steps of alternating between brown and green coloured layers of your compost materials. Keep do this until you have run out of leaves, weeds and other items.

  • 8

    Plastic cover:

    Cover the pile with some plastic sheet so that it traps moisture inside the compost materials.

  • 9

    Turn pile:

    Try to turn the entire pile at least once a month to help the compost pile get mixed properly.

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