How to Maintain a Wheatgrass Garden

Wheatgrass serves as a nutritious supplement, since it provides vitamins, mineral acids and minerals which are good for your health. These components aid to eliminate toxins from your body. In addition to this, wheatgrass is a great decoration piece for your indoor garden. It can be used as several ways such as tea, juices and poultices. Remember that its’ seeds can germinate quickly and you can harvest after a week or two. Despite its fast growing rate, you need to take special care of the wheatgrass. Wheatgrass requires appropriate amount of heat and moisture in order to grow ideally.

Things Required:

– Thermometer
– Saucer or tray
– Spray bottle


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    You need to place the wheatgrass or container in a room so it can receive sufficient sunlight in order to grow. The room should be brightly lit. Keep in mind that wheatgrass do not require much sunlight or direct sunlight. Wheatgrass can be grown under direct or indirect sunlight.

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    Use thermometer to check on the temperature

    In order to place wheatgrass in idle condition, you should place a thermometer nearby. This is to ensure that the temperature where wheatgrass is placed lies between 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember that if temperature drops below this, new seeds won’t germinate and the blades will wilt. On the other hand if the temperature rises from 90 degrees Fahrenheit, its’ seeds will not develop.

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    Place water

    You need to place water under the wheatgrass container. Pour water in a tray or saucer and place it under the container. This will improve humidity for the wheatgrass. In addition to this, it will keep roots moistened all the time. Its’ roots won’t dry out by this procedure.

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    Apply water with a spray bottle

    You should pour water on the soil where wheatgrass is grown. Use a spray bottle to sprinkle water on the soil until it gets wet. You need to spray water once every day. However, in case the wheatgrass is bare to direct sunlight, you should sprinkle water twice.

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    You need to fertilize the wheatgrass in order to take good care of it. You can apply liquid seaweed fertiliser on the wheatgrass. Apply the fertilizer when the blades are about 1 to 3 centimetres tall and when grass grows 5 to 10 centimetres tall.

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