Tips for Improving the Sale Value of Your House

So you have decided you would like to move to a new town or state and you need to get your present home ready to go on the market. A great idea before you list your home for sale is finding ways of improving the value of your home so you will get the best possible price. From the exterior to the interior there are countless ways improving your home will make it much more appealing to potential home buyers.

To begin improving the exterior of your home start by clearing all the dead flowers from the garden and make sure that all walkways and paths around your home are clear of debris. Select some flowers to plant in the garden or around your home that will add some color to your yard. Improve the appearance of your deck or porch and any fencing around your property by applying new paint or varnish. Keeping tools and children’s toys put away when not in use is another great way of improving the exterior appearance of your home.

Start improving the interior appearance or your home by dusting regularly and keeping the corners and light fixtures clear of cobwebs. Keep all windows and window sills clean by removing any decals or paint spots if necessary. This should be done on the exterior as well. You should vacuum often, replace worn out carpet if needed and place a mat outside for people to wipe their feet upon. Improve the appearance of the walls in your home by washing them and touching up the paint where needed.

While working on improving the overall interior appearance of your home there are countless things that can be done in each room of your home. Keep bedrooms clear of clutter by keeping toys and clothes picked up and put in closets and keeping the furniture to a minimum. A messy cluttered room will make it appear much smaller. Make sure bathrooms are spotless. Pick nice smelling cleaning products to keep it smelling like it had just been cleaned. Also make sure that all faucets are working properly and none are leaking. Make sure all appliances in your kitchen are clean and working properly. Make sure all cabinets and drawers shut properly and replace all broken or worn out hinges and knobs.

Other items to keep in mind while improving the appearance of your home while getting it ready to be sold include replacing window screens as needed. Making sure all outlet covers and switch plates are in excellent condition replacing them if needed. Make sure all doors in the home shut properly and keep all pets out of the way as much as possible.

These are just a few of the many ideas of improving the appearance of your home in order to get the best possible sale value. While making your household improvements keep in mind what you would like to see if you where the potential home buyer and don’t be afraid to ask others opinions if you are not sure that something looks right. Good luck!

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