How to Care for a Madagascar Dragon Tree

The Madagascar Dragon Tree, also known as ribbon tree, is a popular indoor house plant with long, narrow, spike like foliage. What makes this tough shrub more attractive is its lush green foliage with a peculiar red outline. Moreover, it is a hardy plant which thrives even when neglected. In the colder regions which experience freezing winters and lack the subtropical temperatures necessary for successful cultivation of tropical plants, Madagascar Dragon is planted indoors.

This plant has been recognized by NASA as one of the best in plants to remove indoor air pollutants and keep the environment inside the house clean. With glossy and gray bark, sword shaped leaves, Madagascar dragon is an attractive, low-maintenance house plant. So if you are planning to add an indoor plant to your interior landscape that you don’t have to maintain much, then Madagascar dragon is the perfect choice.


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    Position where it is convenient for you

    Madagascar dragon enjoys bright light but it will thrive even if kept away from a windowsill in a darker spot. In the absence of adequate light, the tree will not wilt or experience a foliage fall, only the red edges leaves would disappear. The new leaves will be thinner and even more prettier. So it is up to you which look you prefer more. However, to get a typical Madagascar look, situate the plant where it will receive no less than four hours of direct sunlight each day.

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    Water moderately when growing

    Water your dragon two to three times in a week when the plant is in its active growth phase. However, water much less during winter months, and allow the soil in the pot to dry out to one third between each watering, both in summers and winters.

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    Feed monthly

    Feed your Madagascar dragon with a balanced houseplant fertilizer from time to time. However, it would manage to thrive even if you forget to fertilize.

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    Tolerance to climate

    Madagascar dragon is a hardy plant and survives in all kinds of weather. But it is recommended to keep your tree away from air-conditioners or heaters, as it can cause the potting medium to dry quickly. The best daytime temperature range for these plants is between 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    Prune freely

    These plants respond well to pruning, so feel free to trim your dragon tree. If your plant is growing too tall, cut off the tops in early summer.

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