How to Plant a Christmas Tree

Decorating your Christmas tree is an integral part of Christmas celebrations. During the festive day, the tree becomes the focal point for the whole family. However, if you have bought a living potted plat for this Christmas, you can plant it in your garden after the celebration is over.It will be a nice evergreen addition to your garden and is possible without much of an effort. This way you will not have to incur the guilt of cutting a living tree for your vacation and throwing it away wasted. Our step by step guide is here to take you through the process in an easy manner even if you are not a great gardener.

Things required:

– Christmas tree plant
– Shovel
– Mulch
– Fertilizer
– Wood stake


  • 1

    Prepare the plant:

    After the holidays are over, do not wait for the spring and get to work. A potted plant should not be kept indoors for more than two weeks. Move your pot to the garage or back porch so that it acclimatizes to the outside temperature before being planted in soil.

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    Prepare the soil:

    Select an area where the soil is fertile and gets good amount of sunshine. Dig a hole that is 2 3 times as wide as the tree root ball. While selecting the area, keep in mind that the tree will eventually grow big  and will need more space than now. Place dried leaves and mulch in this hole as a prevention from the cold.

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    Plant tree:

    Remove the plastic from the root ball of the potted plant. Tap the soil loose. Put the tree in the hole upright and redirect the root away from the root ball so that they grow out from the plant. Fill the hole around the root ball with the unearthed soil you had after digging the hole. Leave 2 3 inches of the root ball exposed over the soil Fill the hole in layers. Water the soil to settle it down. Apply a top layer of mulch. You do not need to fertilize your tree before the spring.

    Keep your tree watered. A good layer of mulch helps to retain the moisture.

    Placing stakes around the tree will help it against the winds. Insert two wooden stakes on each side of the tree and tie them to the base of the tree.

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