How to Assemble a Homemade Hydroponic System

What can be better than growing any plant without having to use soil? Hydroponic gardening allows you do exactly that. By using a nutrient solution and substrate, it is possible to ensure healthy of growth of plants with fewer pests sucking vital nutrients and mineral from them. While it is possible to buy commercial hydroponic systems, it is best to make homemade hydroponic systems to save valuable money. A typical homemade hydroponic system is extremely easy to make. You will be required to purchase a few simple materials to achieve the same results as a commercial product.


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    Firstly, you will need to decide if can handle the challenges associated with home gardening. Talk to friends and relatives that are using homemade hydroponic systems to grow plants. If growing plants using hydroponic system is what you will love to do, then consider buying a medium sized bucket. Cut or drill a hole in this bucket to hold your plants near the bottom of the bucket. Now consider passing one side of the dark tubing through the hole. Use silicon or fine wire mesh to cover the end of the tube. Now position the tube in a way that is touches the bottom of the bucket. Seal the hole from outside and the inside.

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    Cut or drill another using a cutter near the top of the bucket. Repeat the process explained in step 1. If possible, consider pointing this tube slightly downwards. Now prepare another bucket using the same method used for the first. Join the bottom of this bucket with the hose at the top of the planting bucket. Connect the hose to the water pump. Let the silicon get dry after sealing both holes.

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    Use vermiculite to fill the bucket to just under the top tube. Substrates like clay pebbles can also be mixed, if required. Join the water pump inlet to the bottom tube from the plant bucket. Add hydroponic solution to the second tub. Fill the other plant bucket with nutrient solution in a way that the return hose completely sinks in the solution.

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    Plug in the pump into a timing device so the pump could be run for 20 minutes after every four hours. Now turn on the pump and your homemade hydroponic system will start working.

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