How to Mow a Lawn With a Finish Cut or Brush Mower

Mowing one’s lawn is an essential part of home maintenance. There are generally laws that are quite strict in most states that do not allow the grass to be bigger than a certain height. It also allows your house to look good and saves you from a number of problems related with high grass.

You can use a brush mower or the finish cut one which are both great for giving a fine look to your lawn. These mowers come in electric start as well as pull models and are an excellent option for a place which is properly landscaped.


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    Clear Debris

    Make sure that you remove all the debris such as small stones and trash before you start mowing as these can be a hurdle and damage the blades of the brush mower. Having a lawn free from debris will also make it easy for you when you are doing the job as you will not have to remove it while you are mowing.

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    Adjust Blade Height

    Make sure that the blades are sharp and adjust the height. In case it is summer, you want to make sure that the blades are slightly higher as you do not want to cut too low. Also, make sure that you do not cut the grass too short which can sometimes mean that the grass can be uprooted or can leave the grass susceptible to pest attacks.

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    Mow the Lawn

    Once everything is set, mow the lawn. Make sure that the weather conditions are conducive and are not wet from rain or the overnight dew. Drier grass is easier to cut and wet conditions will reduce the efficiency of mowing. There is also a chance of rut from the soil getting into the mower.

    Use alternative patters to mow in order to reduce the amount of turf and soil compaction. You can mow the lawn twice to have a clean finish to the job.

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    You can make patterns by adjusting the blade height. You can also have areas of fewer grass followed by more grass and you can alternate the two. If the lawn is huge in size, you can always make a specific design of your liking which looks absolutely beautiful.

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