How to Start a Stubborn Lawn mower

Many men have failed in their attempt to start a stubborn lawn mower, especially one which just does not want to get going. Most of the time, it is not easy to detect what the actual problem with a lawn mower is and why it will not start but taking out some time to actually look at it will make it a whole lot easier to figure out what might be wrong.

Unless the engine is just totally done and in need of replacement, which is usually rare, you can get a stubborn lawn mower to start by following a few simple steps.


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    Air Filter

    You have to remember that there is an engine running the lawnmower and the more you take care of it, the lessĀ  likely it will break down. Most people forget that a lawnmower engine also requires regular maintenance, which is why they have a hard time getting it to start during cutting season.

    The air filter is the first thing, without a doubt, that should be checked because most of the time it is clogged by dirt and other debris. Cleaning it out with some soap and water will get the engine to run like new. If the air filter is damaged or extremely dirty then you might want to buy a replacement.

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    Spark Plug

    Pulling away like crazy will not get the lawnmower to start because of a dirty or worn out spark plug. The spark plug should be clean and free from debris. If you suspect issues with the spark plug then remove it and thoroughly clean it. If it does not work, replace the spark plug. This is an inexpensive remedy that can usually get your lawn mower up and running.

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    Engine Oil Level

    Engine oil is the next important factor in getting a stubborn lawn mower to start. If you can check the engine oil level and see that it is low or dirty, replace it. Always remember to use the right type of motor oil that is designed for use in lawn mowers. After all necessary parts have been cleaned and replenished with proper lubrication, it is now time to try and start the lawnmower again. This time, you should be successful.

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