Choosing the Right Tree for Your Yard

When considering adding a tree to your yard, it is important to consider the type of tree that is best suited to the planting location. The type of soil and the amount of light that the desired spot receives are important factors to consider before heading out to the local garden center.

Once you have determined the conditions that your tree will be growing under, you are better equipped to choose the best tree for your yard. When visiting the garden center, take the time to review the planting tags that are placed on the planting containers. The tags have a wealth of information about the tree and will help you to decide if the tree is the right choice for you.

Once the tree has been selected, their are a few steps that should be taken in order to prepare your ground and the tree itself for planting. When digging a hole for your tree, it is important to make certain that the hole is wide enough for the tree. The biggest mistake that is made when planting a tree is making the hole too deep or too narrow. If the hole is not wide enough, the root structure of the tree will not have sufficient room to expand. If the hole is too narrow, the roots will not have access to enough oxygen. As a rule of thumb, the hole should be 3 times the width of the root ball of the tree and the depth of the hole should not be any deeper than the pot that the tree was purchased in.

Once the hole has been properly prepared, it is time to remove the tree from the pot. The tree should be carefully removed from the pot in order to avoid damage to the existing root structure. Once the tree is completely removed from the pot, carefully loosen the roots with your hands. The roots need to be able to expand once they are in the ground and this will all them to grow outward.

Now it is time to place the tree into the prepared hole. Once the tree is properly positioned, the soil that was removed from the hole should be placed carefully around the tree in order to keep the proper positioning and to keep the tree from leaning. The soil should be lightly packed once the tree has been secured in the hole.

As a final step, it is always a good idea to fertilize the soil around the newly planted tree. The fertilizer will help to establish the root structure of your tree and give it the boost that it needs to thrive in it’s new home.

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