How to Select Plants for Container Gardening

Selecting plants for a container garden depends on the taste of people as different people like different colours in flowers and also want to have different sizes. Selection of plants for container garden also depends on the location of the containers. If you are using your lawn for container garden then you require different sizes from those containers that you have placed on the terrace of your home. So, location and colour combination of your home also count a lot in selecting plants for container gardening. Keep reading this article if you want to learn more.


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    First of all, you should decide the colours according to the walls of your house or your outer walls of your lawn. Some people like matching colours while some want contrast. Make sure you have decided the colour for container gardening before going out for purchasing the plants.

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    You should also decide the location of container gardening in your home. You can select a shady area of your home or can also select a place which comes under direct sunlight. For both places you will need different types of plants.

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    You can purchase different colours of plants and you should go for black, silver-leaved or over-green plants depending upon the place where they will become prominent.

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    Make sure you have selected plants having different colours, shape and texture as it will provide a variety to container gardening.

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    Buy tall and thin plants like dracaena which will be a beautiful addition to your container garden. Also bring midsized plants along with longer ones which will be a perfect combination and will give a fascinating touch to your container garden.

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    It will be more appropriate if you take your container to the nursery. It will help in buying only those plants which are fit and look beautiful according to the colour and size of the container.

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    Taking container to the nursery for buying plants will also help in adjusting plants into the container and the attendant of nursery will also help in placing the plants in the container in a professional way.

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    You should buy only those plants that have just started blooming which will help you in getting desired results in a few days.

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