How to Use Herbs as Ground Cover at Home

Herbs can be used to provide shade and cover to the green grass of your lawn. Usually herbs spread quickly and grow fast. They not only increase the beauty of your lawn but also spread fragrance in that area. Furthermore, once you grow herbs, you are not required to take care  or mow the lawn frequently. There are many herb varieties which will help you to provide shade to your green lawn. Remember that ground cover is a major factor in a landscape design. You might come across herbs which do not look pretty but have great smell.


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    Seek the location where you want to grow the herbs

    First you need to choose location on your lawn where you want to grow the herbs in order to cover your lawn. You need to think whether you want a ground cover to spread all over the area or not. In case you are aiming to cover a large area, you are required to get herbs which spread quickly. You should decide a location where the grass do not grow easily or where it is easier to maintain. You can replace grass on that area with growing herbs. You can also add softness to hardscape areas such as driveways or sidewalks with planting herbs. One of the major use of herbs as ground cover is that you can plant them in areas where soil wards off easily such as hillsides or ditches. The herbs will hold the soil in these areas with help of their complex root system.

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    Varieties of herbs which can be used

    Several herbs can be used in order to cover the ground. You can grow peppermint, rosemary, lemon balm, chamomile, sweet woodruff, Corsican mint, pennyroyal, bearberry and many more. All of these herbs have unique shapes, different coloured flowers and will look great in your lawn.

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    Treat herbs as you treat other plants when you first grow it

    You need to treat herbs as you treat other plants after growing and establishing it for the first time. First clear the area where you want to sow the seeds of herb you are using as ground cover. You can also remove plants which you do not want and grown the ground cover there. Remember to make sure the places where you are sowing seeds have healthy soil. Then add mulch on that area so the herbs won’t dry out.

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    Determine the quantity of plants

    In the end you need to decide how much plants are required in order to cover the desired area of your lawn.

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