How to Plant Garlic from Cloves

Garlic is an essential part of many recipes because it makes countless dishes more flavourful. It not only adds a certain pungent flavour to food items, but also contains many healthy nutrients which can keep you away from many diseases. For this reason, garlic is a staple in most kitchens.

The best way to use garlic is when it is absolutely fresh, and for this purpose, you can consider growing your own garlic. Don’t be daunted as it is an inexpensive and easy exercise. All you need is a fertile piece of land and some garlic cloves. Following the right method and taking certain tips into account can make this exercise more fruitful.


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    Choose a spot:

    Remember, choosing the right spot is one of the most important things in this exercise. Pick a piece of land that gets a lot of sunshine during the day. In addition, make sure that the land does not have any drainage issues. Moisture is important but an excess might permanently dampen soil and this will not yield good results. Moreover, garlic grows well in sandy loam so avoid planting garlic cloves in clay-based land.

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    Know the best time to plant:

    The next thing you should do is determine the right time to plant garlic. Every region has a different climate so the appropriate time will not be the same everywhere. Generally, experts recommend growing garlic during mid-autumn or early spring.

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    Prepare the soil:

    Before planting garlic cloves, you should prepare the soil otherwise you won’t be able to get the desired results. You must soften the soil before spreading the cloves. A little bit of moisture is also recommended as it helps the cloves grow.

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    Get fresh garlic cloves:

    Your next step should be to get fresh garlic cloves. Make sure the garlic you chose is of high quality and free of fungus. Moreover, you should not pick source garlic which has become soft, as its cloves won’t be able to survive the procedure. Break the source garlic and then remove the paper-like outer skin on the cloves.

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    Place each clove in the soil:

    Now, when you have prepared the soil and cloves, it’s time to spread the seed. Make sure that the pointy end of the cloves is pointing upwards. Push the cloves into the soil and then cover them with soil and compost.

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    Take care of the plants:

    You should water the land at regular intervals. Remember, too much moisture can destroy the crop. When you see garlic leaves on the surface, make special arrangements to keep all types of pests away.

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