How to Make a Personal Wind Chime

ind chimes are a delightful addition to your garden, patio, or lanai. Their bright colors, dulcet tones, and unique appearance can open the stage for frequent visitors, conversation topics, and restful moments of reflection. Wind chimes can soothe the savage beast, so to speak, after a long day.

An eclectic array of wind chimes is already on the market in sizes ranging from minuscule, a couple of inches, to gigantic, a few feet. Size isn’t what it is all about though, at least for most people. Whether you purchase a mass-produced or custom made wind chime or make one of your own, the essence of the wind chime, its theme and its tone, are what it is all about. It doesn’t matter how expensive the wind chime is. It simply matters how it looks and how it sounds.

Making your own wind chime allows you to determine what it looks like, and essentially, what it sounds like as well. A handmade wind chime is a delightful way to add a bit of sentimentality to your garden or patio area. Create a new theme or add to an existing theme that is presently displayed amongst your plants and other yard decorations.

Steps to follow to create a wind chime:

�· Decide the theme of your wind chime.
�· Collect the necessary materials for your wind chime.
�· Put it all together.

Okay, those are the three basic steps, but let’s go in a little more detail. Wind chimes can be crafted from almost any items. Think about what you want to portray and develop a themed concept. Once that is accomplished, collect the items from the basic list that you will need. Gathering everything before beginning the work is easier and less time consuming.

Basic Check List of Necessary Items:

�· Themed items or pieces to be hung
�· Item for the hanging center or top of the wind chime
�· Small drill to make holes for stringing
�· Cord or fishing line
�· Glue and/or hot glue gun and glue sticks
�· Paint, markers, or stain
�· Glitter, sequins, small decals, or other decorative items
�· Small rubber mallet- if needed
�· Scissors

Basic steps to craft a personal wind chime set:

�· Start by doing any cleaning, decorating, painting, or polishing of your materials.
�· Next, use the drill to make the holes needed to string each piece.
�· Cut different lengths of cord or fishing line. Choose different lengths from your cord.
�· String the pieces. Be careful and tie the knots securely.
�· Attach each length of cord, string, chain, or line by the free end to the top or center hanging attachment of your wind chime set.

Hints for items that make wonderful wind chime sets:

�· Shaped seashells in differing colors and sizes from a vacation
�· Antique silverware from ancestors
Ã?· Sterling silver toddler’s dinnerware set including small cup, spoon, knife, and fork
�· Collector spoons different vacations you have taken
�· Baby rattles from each of your children
�· Key rings
�· Oversized charms or medallions from the good old days

As the gentle wind blows and your chimes sway, you will be caught up in the moments that brought this wind chime to life. The personal items proudly displayed for all to see will strike an additional chord in your heart as you listen to the gentle sounds issuing forth.

Creating your own wind chime is simple and fun. All it requires is a bit of contemplative thought and careful planning. A personalized homemade wind chime can make use of many items, including those normally destined for the trash. Add a touch of sentimentality and you will create a memorable wind chime that will become a family heirloom.

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