How to Get Rid of Dandelions

Dandelions are an extremely common form of weed found in almost all regions of the world. They can easily stand out and ruin the whole outlook of your lawn because of their texture and colour, which is different from turf. A dandelion plant has the potential to produce up to fifteen thousand seeds which can survive for about six years in soil, which is the reason why it is extremely difficult to control them. However, if you wish to make your lawn look presentable and attractive, it is imperative to learn how to get rid of dandelions.

Things Required:

– Dandelion digger
– Lawn mower
– Cardboard, black plastic or landscape fabric
– Corn gluten meal, vinegar, boiling water or synthetic weed killer


  • 1

    Grow a dense lawn

    In order to avoid dandelions, it is advised that you grow a healthy and dense lawn. Dandelions require sunlight to germinate and thick grass will block the sun from reaching the soil.

  • 2

    Frequently mow the grass

    You can prevent the flowers from turning into seeds by mowing your grass often whenever the dandelions are in bloom.

  • 3

    Dig the roots of dandelion

    Using a dandelion digger, pull up the roots of this weed. You can also use a trowel for this purpose if a dandelion digger is not available. The end of the dandelion digger, which looks like a screwdriver, needs to be worked into the soil to pull up the whole weed.

  • 4

    Cover the plants

    When the dandelions are blossoming in your area, you can cover the plants with cardboard, black plastic or landscape fabric. You may top it with mulch to make the cover aesthetically pleasing.

  • 5

    Pour boiling water over the dandelions

    You may apply synthetic weed killers or organic solutions like corn gluten meal or vinegar over the dandelions. Another option for you is to pour boiling water over the weeds. If you adopt a habit of applying corn gluten meal over the dandelions each year in spring, you will enhance your chances of having a weed-free lawn.

  • 6

    Pick the flowers and leaves

    Picking the yellow flowers and leaves will not help you get rid of dandelions but it will surely stop them from releasing new seeds. The root’s nutrients will be starved by picking the leaves.

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