How to Light Your Garden Fountain

It is very important to be aware of the shape of objects being lit as is with any other lighting project. This is even more vital when it comes to lighting the garden fountain. Gardens take on new shapes and shadows in the night. When you wish to illuminate some of it, you should ponder about what else can be changed by new shadows. A nicely-lit fountain is a very good addition to the garden, but poor lighting can have a bad impact and can make your garden worse. There are a number of ways to light your garden with good effect.


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    There are various kinds of lighting. Therefore, you should find out products that are within your budget. Both indoor and outdoor lighting have great options and you should consider things from lens colour to fixture finish to size and shape. To select what type of lighting you require, visualize the way different lights will affect your garden fountain.

    A lot of basic outdoor lights are just floodlights that will not make a huge difference in making your fountain a joy to watch, but there are some subtle lights that can add a delicate touch and reflect illumination with your fountain’s water. Make sure you know that the main purpose of lighting a fountain is to produce a reflection off of the water.

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    Different lens are available for various fixtures. Coloured light can be fascinating, but it can also become a distraction. They normally have less spread than ordinary lights and give out less illumination. They are also very flashy when used poorly. Choose coloured lights cautiously and do not distort the apparent texture and shape of the elements in the garden.

    For instance, a heavy green lens will make a big rock seem oddly full while red light could make an appearance of greater depth than in reality. Blue lights create spaces that look flat. Nevertheless, none of these situations are definite as all textures respond differently to light.

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    You will have to add light to your whole garden, even if you just want to light the fountain. Therefore, you should analyse the entire place carefully. If you make the light too bright it will not do justice to the quieter elements of your garden. On the other hand, if it is dim the garden will look very patchy and in need of a repair.

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