How to Grow a Green Garlic Garnish Without any Soil

A green garlic garnish is a sprout that grows from a garlic clove, and is much like a chive in appearance, but with a powerful taste of garlic. This can be used in multiple creative ways, in salads, and as a garnish for dishes ranging from roasts to mayonnaise-based salads in cocktail glasses. These green garlic garnishes can easily be grown at home, and for this purpose you do not require soil, or any elaborate equipment.

Things Required:

– Shot glass
– 2 toothpicks
– Garlic clove


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    To begin, make sure you start with some medium-sized garlic cloves. Ensure that you remove the papery outer layer of skin off the clove, and then wash it thoroughly with water, to make sure it is clean, and free of any dirt or grime.

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    Next, you will need to pierce the cloves with toothpicks. It is best to use wooden toothpicks for this purpose, but you can use plastic ones if you wish. Holding the clove in your hand, with the rooted end of the clove pointing down, pierce one side with a toothpick, and follow it up by piercing the other side with a toothpick too. Make sure the toothpicks are only pushed through the sides of the clove – do not pierce the middle of the clove, as this will prevent the green garlic sprout from growing.

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    Once the clove has been pierced with two toothpicks, proceed to put this into a shot glass, with the rooted end pointing downwards. The clove should be suspended in mid-air, owing to the toothpicks, and not be touching the bottom or the sides of the glass.

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    Now, hold the shot glass under the tap, and fill it with water – do not submerge the entire clove, the water should be just enough to cover the rooted end of the garlic clove. Once this is done, prepare all the other cloves in this manner, if you wish to grow more than one.

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    Place the shot glasses containing the water and the garlic cloves on a windowsill which receives plenty of sunlight, and let them stay there for a week or two – keep adding water, to make sure the rooted end stays submerged. After 6-7 days elapse, the garlic clove will start to sprout from the top. Allow this green sprout to grow as long as you want, and snip it off and use it once it is the desired length.

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